Videos Get Some Privacy, Killer Feature added to Symfony2 and Cloud Computing Gets Deciphered.

Need somewhere private to share your personal videos (those you don’t want your boss to see, for example…)? With VidMe, you get A Site for the Videos You Don’t Want Everyone to See

The Symfony2 online conference introduced its killer feature, a built-in HTTP accelerator that greatly improves the performance of Symfony2 applications. See the PPT deck from the conference here

Got an iPhone or iPad and shop at Tescos? Your luck’s in… UK Grocery App Makes Shopping Easy

Want to know peak memory usage is happening when you’re testing? Check out memtracker – Sonar/Maven Plugin for tracking Memory Usage

Cloud computing gets deciphered at the Cloud Computing World Forum in London – The three day conference on the future of cloud computing runs from 29th June to 1st July at the Olympia Conference Centre in London

Published by Sara Allison

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