Making your social world accessible in real-time, the FUSE Labs team is dedicated to creating experiences that connect you to the people, information and people that matter to you.

Microsoft Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs is a social experiences incubator within Microsoft Research. Working in partnership with product and research teams across Microsoft, FUSE Labs, led by Lili Cheng, explores and delivers new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work.

FUSE Labs works on a variety of social projects, if you’re here in Paris for Le Web at the moment make sure to visit the Microsoft stand in the Eiffel Dock Room and see some live demos.

Here’s some of my favourite FUSE Labs projects:



Montage is a shareable, personal, visual album of the web. You are able to design your personal Montage around a topic by adding content that pulls information from a variety of sources including, RSS feeds, Twitter, Bing News, YouTube, video and Bing Images. Your Montage is constantly evolving as you arrange each area with the content of your choice – which is easy, intuitive and fun; and can be on any topic from, movies, sports, to robots.

Bing Twitter

Bing Twitter

Keeping up with real-time information that is coming in from millions of users of Twitter is a tough task. Bing Twitter search makes it easier.

Here is how it works: users can now search for what people are saying about breaking news topics, their favorite celebrity, hometown sports team, and anything else they use Twitter to stay on top of today. They just enter the term and then they can see what people are saying and linking to in their tweets about the topic. They can click on the links to read the stories, retweet right from the results page and even click on "more" to get additional results. Bing Twitter is a simple way to find out what is hot.



Kodu is a visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for everyone. Kodu provides easy tools to create elaborate 3D landscapes, and control the lighting and camera. Kodu programming involves selecting visual tiles for a condition (WHEN) and an action (DO).

Using Kodu, students can learn about cooperation, logic and creativity – not just about programming. Kodu is a rich tool for narrative creation and storytelling, pulling users into creating stories; Kodu demonstrates that programming is a creative medium.

Bing Twitter Maps

Bing Twitter Maps

Is a web app that allows users to see tweets in the context of a map. They can search for a specific subject, place or person and quickly see what is happening via Twitter.

People are using Twitter to make quick updates about all kinds of topics. By seeing where those people are in real-time, the experience brings an event or place to life right there on the Bing map. Users can zoom into street level views or keep it global.

Bing Twitter Maps let users filter their search for a subject, a person or by location. Once they filter their search they can embed that map on a website page or blog – anywhere they can paste the HTML. Use a Bing Twitter Map to keep track of a topic of interest around the globe or follow their favorite personality’s thoughts and whereabouts.



Docs allows you to discover, create, and share Microsoft Office documents with your Facebook friends. Built using Microsoft Office 2010 – Docs for Facebook provides the best possible document service for the Facebook environment.

Docs gives you a great, flexible social–productivity experience. You can decide who to share with… from privately creating, editing, and collaborating around docs, all the way to public sharing on the web. You can upload or start doc online, have someone help you edit it, incorporate feedback, and then share it with the world. Docs can be viewed and edited directly within a web browser – or, with a single click, you can edit them more richly and powerfully through the Microsoft Office software on your PC or Mac.

Seamless integration with Facebook means that the service is all about sharing your documents. Finally docs can be friendly too!

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Creative Technologist at Microsoft in the UK working in the Developer & Platform Evangelism group, he is at the forefront of emerging technologies being developed across Microsoft and champions their deployment to developers and digital agencies. His work is focused around mobile, the web and Natural User Interfaces.

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