Ubelly and CMS friends at Le Web

As you may or may not have heard, we’re dusting off the berets ready for our trip across the channel to Le Web in Paris this week. We’ll be joined by a few friends over there and we wanted to provide an introduction to each one. So dust off your reading glasses and let’s get cracking on some of the top CMS apps across le web, listed in no order except alphabetical:

Attendees at Le Web should come to the Microsoft stand to check out the deals that Axinom, DotNetNuke, Kentico and Umbraco will have on offer at special Le Web rates. Also, be sure to keep an eye on our twitter stream as we’ll be announcing other promotional offers with some very cool prizes.

Published by AndyRobb

Andy’s so into web there’s a suspicion he’s actually Peter Parker MK II. Having spent a couple of years at the Microsoft mothership in Seattle you’ll most probably hear him rambling about business opportunity, experiences that ‘pop’ but most probably just something about music.

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