Memetastic Karaoke at the Critters

So tonight is Critters time in London, with developers and designers from across the UK descending upon the Hospital Club for the awards ceremony of the year. One small detail we’re allowed to mention about the festivities tonight is the ‘Memetastic Karaoke’ that we’ve got going down. What is that I hear you ask? ‘Pray tell, what is this Memetastic Karaoke you speak of?’ ‘Why did I use the phrase ‘pray tell’?’

Ok, so no one asked what it is, but I’m still going to tell you.

Tonight at the Critters, we’re going to have an awesome Karaoke booth set up. However, this Karaoke booth differs in a major way to other karaoke booths, in that the small selection of songs available inside are all directly related to memes. We’ve searched far and wide (or just did a quick search) for these hard to find gems, and to prepare you we thought we’d give you a refresher course in the tracks available.

May we present, the Memetastic Karaoke selection…

The Lonely Island – I’m on a Boat (Warning: Explicit Language)

The song that spawned the Foursquare badge. Even though it’s a few years old, this is still one of my personal favourites, even if playing it in the office may get you fired. However, it is far tamer than their previous hit, or their later ones.


Rebecca Black – Friday

Fun, fun, fun looking forward to the weekend… Even though it’s a Wednesday, we thought we’d make an exception.


Antoine Dodson (and AutoTune the News) – Bed Intruder Song

Bed Intruder was one of the first memes that I covered on Ubelly, and it still hasn’t lost it’s appeal.


Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

Arguably one of the first memes to go mainstream. However, whether it’s under this name or another we’re not sure…


Mariah Carey – Without You (Ken Lee)

Unfortunately we couldn’t track down the updated lyrics from Mariah’s rare version of Without You titled ‘Ken Lee’, as featured on Music Idol, but we do have the original. However, singing KEN LEEEEEEEEEEE at the top of your lungs is definitely recommended.


Rihanna (Keenan Cahill) – Only Girl in the World

While Teenage Dream may be Keenan’s biggest video, Only Girl in the World is our favourite. Extra points to short people who attempt this song tonight.


Lionel Richie – Hello

Is it me your looking for?


Beyonce – Single Ladies

This one isn’t actually for the karaoke, but the dancing. Don the supplied bowler hat and dance your heart away like Thom Yorke.


See you all tonight!

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