#Winning at The Critters

After attending plenty of events over the past year, Wednesday night we decided to host our very own! With memetastic karaoke and our very own Sad Keanu – the party was almost complete.  But it wasn’t all about bad singing and dodgy pics with Keanu, we also wanted to pay tribute to some of the great speakers we had seen, the awesome events we’ve attended and of course, our favourite meme of the year.
Guests an winners enjoying The Critters
With Screach App, our guests were able to vote for their favourite on the night itself, and the winners were announced by our very own Andrew Spooner. Check our post for the full shortlist and list of judges, but if you can’t stand the suspense, here they are:

  • Blog of the Year: HTML5 Doctor
  • Meme of the Year: Old Spice
  • Web we would mate with: The Wilderness Downtown
  • Next Big Thing: Naomi Atkinson
  • App of the Year: Dropbox
  • Open Source Web App: WordPress
  • Event of the Year: New Adventures in Web Design
  • Fail of the Year: Apple Ping
  • Win of the Year: Egypt Social Media Uprising

We’d like to give a big thanks to our judges for helping us choose our coveted shortlist, our readers for supporting the blog and helping us create such a great community and everyone who attended the awards for voting on the night. We’ll post more pictures and some of the videos shortly.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to everyone who came – we’ll see you next year!

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