IE WebSockets Prototype Updated to 09

imageThe WebSockets prototype for Internet Explorer has been just been updated on, this brings the implementation inline with the 09 protocol version that was released 10 days ago on the 13th of June.

If you have used WebSockets before then you will know that you need to make sure the client version is the same as the server version, so you’ll be glad to know Microsoft have updated both.

So What is is Microsoft’s way of brining you interesting HTML5 implementations so that you can test and provide feedback on them, with the caveat that the implementation will change and when changes are made there will likely be breaking changes.

So what are WebSockets?

Ever had a section of your website that needs to update if a piece of data on your server changes? The common solution is to use JavaScript and poll the server every x seconds to see if the data on the server has changed, all these HTTP requests hurt performance. You might be a little more sophisticated and use Long Polling, which is where you send a request to the server and the server holds that request until their is something new for you. As the server is holding the request it’s resources can’t be used for other things. If the server has to hold a million sessions it can be expensive and a waste of resources.

WebSockets solves the problem with the real time web without the performance overhead of polling.

WebSockets gives you a bi directional TCP socket. Once you have an open a WebSocket, if a server has some new information it can send it to the client in real-time, their is no waiting for the client to poll the server.

If you want to know more than you might want to take a look at this is a great tutorial over on

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