Node.Js coming to Windows

Node LogoThis week Microsoft announced that they would put resources into bringing Node.Js to the Windows Platform. Microsoft is working with the node community, Joyent and Ryan Dahl in an effort to make Windows a supported platform in Node.

Last month we posted an Introduction to Node which is a server technology that enables you to do lots of stuff on the server at the same time, in the same thread… better still you code using JavaScript. At the time of producing that article I was working with people over on the Microsoft Developer Network trying to get them to port the Linux based technology over to Windows. The port is far from trivial and so it’s great news that the team over in Redmond have stepped up to the plate and assigned people to work on the problem.

The result will be an official binary node.exe releases on, which will work on Windows Azure and other Windows versions as far back as Server 2003.

It’s my hope that Windows becomes a first class development platform for everyone, regardless of whether you code in .net, php, Node or any other language for that matter. If I wore a hat I would tip it in the direction of the Microsoft Interoperability  team, they have done an amazing job this year improving PHP on Windows and now brining node to the platform.

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