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Nick Garner, SEO ninja, gave a presentation at WordCamp UK on ‘Advanced SEO with WordPress’. Rather than a vanilla presentation on tips and tricks, he told us an ethical tale of a man who went from basic SEO, breaking no rules, to advanced SEO (still breaking no rules) and to more advanced, yet quite shady SEO – something that is not advisable.

Here are some of the legitimate tips that are useful for anyone working on their SEO:

1. Use the SEO Friendly Images plugin – and let it do all the hard work for you. Tagging photos and alternative text etc. is great for SEO , and this tool automates the process for you.

2. Pagination – make sure your page rank is as good as possible by keeping links close to the home page. Just like Inception, going down too many layers can have negative effects.

3. Use the All in-One SEO Pack plugin for your WordPress site. It’s important to create SEO friendly titles and make sure the right keywords are used throughout a site. This plugin goes even further and helps make advanced SEO simple to do.

4. Not so much a tip, more insight into the future – online PR or buying links may be the best way to improve SEO for many sites. Try pitching guest blogs at other sites as online PR for your site.

5. Keep an eye on SEO news with Sphinn – you’ll find the latest rules and guidelines, as well as resources for useful tools. You can also submit tips if you want to share your own findings and advice.

Nick’s story was a great insight into the SEO dark arts and showed the downfalls of using such processes. Check out Nick’s full presentation on on Slideshare:

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