Future of Mobile 2011



It’s almost time for UK phone aficionados to descend upon London to discuss dev, design and the entrepreneurial opportunities of the mobile device. From the talks we can expect much about UX, how to make your app as successful as it can be, and the role of HTML5 in smarter browsers but what we’re most looking forward to is discovering innovative ways of making the phone work with the web and connected devices.

Make sure to stop by the Ubelly booth to find out more about some of the stuff we’re most excited about in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Mango release and some of dev/design tools that make it easy to bring your idea to light. We’ll have plenty of giveaways including our very own Bill G illustrating just how far he thinks we’ve come…

Make sure you also check back on this post for a summary of all our posts from Future of Mobile.

Future of Mobile posts

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Resources for curious minds


Want to nab yourself a pair of wireless Windows Phone headphones (don’t worry, they work across all devices)? All you need to do is leave a comment on here telling us what you think the Future of Mobile is. Simple! We’ll randomly draw six winners at 3pm today and announce on Twitter. Go!

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