MIX10 Day 1 Keynote – Don’t call me…

1105 And we’re done. Phew – that was a lot of ground to cover in a short time. One or two glitches but overall an almost flawless showing of jaw-dropping opportunity with Silverlight and the Windows Phone. Let’s go play. I have an idea for a Twitter app….

1104 Announcement: Windows Phone Developer Tools available now

VS2010 for Windows Phone

Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone

XNA Game Studio 4.0 for Windows Phone

all available for download now, for free


1103 Deployment via marketplace. Nice feature is try & buy allowing the developer to offer trial version and control what limitations it has

1057 XNA on the phone. Fully hardware accelerated with 2D and 3D APIs. XNA available free and with an add-on for VS

Allows you to build apps across Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone

Battle Punks – character and world live in the cloud so can play is across multiple devices

Windows Phone integrates with Windows Live so gamer points, achievements etc available

Shows demo of Harvest game on all three screens

XNA Game Studio allows you to focus on game development creation and easily target multiple platforms

1054 Things take a strange turn as a remotely controlled pneumatic cannon appears on stage and nearly runs Scott over

The accelerometers on the device being used to aim it

They’re firing t-shirts into the crowd and it has quite a range!

1052 Goal! St Mirren strike from a corner driven low and headed home at the near post

(Sorry, I’m confusing myself with Caroline Cheese again. Easily done)

1044 Loic Le Meur, Seesmic

All your social networks integrated in one place in Seesmic Desktop built in Silverlight and using a plug-in model

Switched over to the same app running on the Mac – 100% the same code

Switch to Seesmic on the Windows Phone integrated with Bing Maps showing a tweet map

Majority of phone code is shared with the Desktop client – big deal as they usually have to start from scratch for a mobile client

1042 Marionette application

Very cool but you have to see it. Best laugh of the keynote so far.

1039 Major League Soccer – Demo of push notifications

Allows the device to alert you to important information when not using that specific app. Nice integration for application developers to take advantage of. The app itself also allows direct access to streamed video of the scored goal.

1036 Shazam – tells me the name / artist of a song I capture via the microphone

Once identified, provides a whole host of related data

1031 Location and map control – FourSquare

Check-in. Phone knows where I am and shows a map of my location (integrated into the app) showing points of interest in the area

Friend section shows your friends and their location on the map as well as directions etc

1025 Netflix app- Watch Smooth Streamed video on the Windows Phone and it’s integrated into the media hub experience

Deep Zoom also supported – Graphic.Ly app – all about comic books – really nice experience to navigate around the available comics and read the comics themselves. Hardware accelerated Deep Zoom allows you to zoom in / navigate around the detail and navigate the comic as if I was reading it naturally. All achieved in 2-3 weeks.

1024 Tools were given out a few weeks ago to some partners and they’ve built some amazing apps

1024 Silverlight on Windows Phone supports IIS Smooth Streaming and PlayReady DRM

1023 Announcement Design and Dev Tools will be available free for Windows Phone development

1021 Can fire up the application in the emulator from Blemd as well. Fantastic experience

1015 Integration between Blend and external tools (image editing in this case) and brings in two view models allowing photos to be view from last day or last week

Drops view model onto design surface to create a ListBox showing the photos. Modified to wrap photos nicely in the UI

ListBox wired up to a data context using a behaviour attached to the PivotStrip

Imports a PhotoShop file as basis for photo details page and then updates with items from the view model imported earlier

All done in Blend and all done in about 5mins

1012 Now lets look at building an app using a more design-oriented approach with Expression Blend with Jon Harris

Blend 4 also has Windows Phone project templates and harmonizes styles etc with the phone

1010 The emulator also supports multi-touch if you’re on Windows 7 (and have a multi-touch enabled machine)

1006 Apparently we’re going to geek out now and build a Twitter client on the Windows Phone using VS2010

We’re going to query the timeline for a user and display their tweets

Make a WebClient call, return a string, parse it using Linq to XML and Bob’s your uncle. Easy as that.

In fact, it’s just like doing it in Silverlight. I guess that’s the idea :)

1003 We’re in the VS2010 Windows Phone templates and development experience

Has a full set of Silverlight controls styled to be integrated with the default look and feel of the phone UI

I can either deploy to device to debug or I can deploy to the built-in emulator

The emulator is a real virtual machine running the Windows Phone OS. Full debugger integration etc

1002 Silverlight on the phone is just Silverlight. It’s not SL-lite or anything like that. And it’s fully hardware accelerated.

0959 The Harvest game

We’ve tried to simplify the target device options for app developers – one processor type, one GPU type, two screen resolutions

Harvest game is full 3D, destructible environment and integrated with Xbox Live

0956 We’re in the pictures hub – includes a “what’s new” area for just updates relating to contacts pictures

Gone to album and we’re in an individual photo. An installed app can extend the UI to add additional functionality – in this case a photo-editing app. I can access this from the options on the photo. ie access to the functionality where it’s most accessible.

0952 Hush Hush – Jackson Fish Market – A Diary on your phone

Very different appearance. Nice timeline view showing entries

Engaging experience with integrated imagery etc

0949 Associated Press mobile news reader – similar panoramic experience to the hubs experience

Top news, most shared stories, comment on them, media-related to stories, you can even *read* the news on it

Read the news story, touch the photo and a carousel pops up to show the other related images

Breaking news updates to the phone as you’re reading

0948 Demo of apps written with the Silverlight and XNA platform on the phone

0947 Media hub – it is a Zune. Can manage it like a Zune but also connect it to additional services

0946 Customise by moving a contact to the home page and keep updated with their latest updates as part of the animation

0944 We’re onto hubs – ways to interact with your music, images, people etc. They use an experience that’s wider than the screen. Pan right and left to access the different options. In the case of people, integrated with Live, Facebook etc. All my contacts in one place.

0943 Boy this thing is fast. Switch to calendar then calendar view is instant. The whole navigation experience is very slick

0940 App bar at the bottom of the screen hosts application commands – always in the same place for a consistent experience

Email multi-select – very common task – indicate messages with the checkboxes – again a consistent experience

0939 All phones have 3 primary buttons – Start, Search, Back

0938 Customisable start screen – woops we lost connection to the USB-projected image

0936 We’re watching both a camera shot of the phone and a video out from the phone which includes a touch indicator

0935 Joe Belfiore takes to the stage to talk Windows Phone…

Two main things we’re trying to achieve

Smart design – make things we want to do, easy to do

Integrated experiences

0933 Announcement: Silverlight 4 RC now available for download along with VS2010 / Blend 4 tooling

0930 I feel a bit like Caroline Cheese

0927 Dave Wolf, VP of Strategy, Cynergy

3 years ago an Adobe shop, created a new business based on Silverlight and MS technologies which now accounts for 55% of revenues

Built the eBay Lister from ground-up in only 8 weeks

Demo of Sletchflow and import of Photoshop assets before enhancing them with Silverlight controls

0923 Ooh – list a product by showing the barcode to your webcam. Drag and drop image to add to listing. Compared to the current listing tools, this looks pretty slick.

0921 eBay adopting Silverlight – Raji Arasu VP of Product Development, eBay

Listing application as an OOB Silverlight 4 app

0921 Announcement – Free upgrade to Expression Blend 4

0918 Pivot to be included in Silverlight 4. Pivot allows you to manipulate, filter, explore large image data sets.

0916 Silverlight 4 will allow you to watch full-screen video on a separate monitor

0913 Silverlight at the Winter Olympics. Viewers guide, timeline selection, rich media player and IIS Live Smooth Streaming to create the best possible experience. Highlights available immediately using a Silverlight rough-cut editor. State of the art technology.

Announcement: All the technology used to build the platform being open-sourced

0912 Silverlight deployment now at nearly 60% on internet connected devices and accelerating rapidly

0911 Tomorrow is IE9, ASP.NET etc, today is about Silverlight.

0910 Scott Guthrie takes the stage and I spot the first problem with live blogging a keynote – when the turn the lights out it’s very tough to see the keyboard…

0909 Oooh some lovely examples of photo imagery matching in Bing Maps

And some Killers as a soundtrack. What could be more fitting for Vegas?

0905 Sterling Quinn was his name. Pretty amazing stuff.

The hall is huge, four massive screens up front and a very cool stage. Now roll intro videos…

0903 He’s good, but there’s only so much extreme yoyo a crowd can take. Welcome – *giant* extreme yoyo

0855 We’re in the main room waiting for things to kick-off being entertained by some extreme yoyo

MIX10 Keynote

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