The Critters Are Back

Last Year’s Awards

Last year’s Critters was a flurry of web folks, memes, dancing with mannequins and bad singing. Before we kick off properly with next year’s festivities, we thought we’d recap on the karaoke, the sadness of Keanu and who won what…

2011 Award Winners

Memetastic Karaoke

The best of the web industry graced our ‘Memetastic Karaoke Booth‘ on the night, delivering hits like Friday, I’m on a boat and the Rick Rollin’ classic. Check out a greatest hits version of the latter featuring a few familiar Ubelly faces…

Sad Keanu

Our newest recruit at the time, Sad Keanu, decided to grace us with his presence at the Critters, and in a rare turn of events, allowed our paparazzi to snap a few pics with him and the guests. Sadly, Keanu had a short life with us at Ubelly, only making it to one more event before losing both hands, a shoe and receiving a nasty crack to the head. He now lives in a box. Relive the glory of Sad Keanu below…


Sad Keanu – The Critter Awards 2011, a set on Flickr.