.Net Awards 2011

After a brilliant night of Garlic, Shots, Awards and Metal, we’ve almost recovered from this year’s .Net Awards at Madame Jojo’s in London. We’ve posted our photos and video from the night so you can revisit the rock dream that was, and prepare for what 2012 will bring us!

Video Highlights from .Net Awards 2011


Photos from .Net Awards 2011

_net Awards 2011-20111124-1_net Awards 2011-20111124-3_net Awards 2011-20111124-10_net Awards 2011-20111124-12_net Awards 2011-20111124-14_net Awards 2011-20111124-19
_net Awards 2011-20111124-32_net Awards 2011-20111124-37_net Awards 2011-20111124-42_net Awards 2011-20111124-50_net Awards 2011-20111124-63_net Awards 2011-20111124-68
_net Awards 2011-20111124-92_net Awards 2011-20111124-125_net Awards 2011-20111124-217_net Awards 2011-20111124-238_net Awards 2011-20111124-240_net Awards 2011-20111124-241
_net Awards 2011-20111124-244_net Awards 2011-20111124-249_net Awards 2011-20111124-250_net Awards 2011-20111124-254_net Awards 2011-20111124-260_net Awards 2011-20111124-268

.Net Awards 2011, a set on Flickr.

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